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What We Do


  • Weight loss / weight gain plans
  • Children diet plan
  • Pregnancy, lactation & Fertility 
  • Sports Nutrition             


  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • High Cholesterol or Triglyceride
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Food Allergy/intoleranc


  • DNA test (relationship between genes, weight, & exercise)
  • VLCD for quick fat loss                           
  • Delivery of Healthy Food Packages 

About Me

I’m Dietitian Christelle Bachi

I’m passionate about helping clients achieve their goals through an overall lifestyle approach that is unique to each individual since I don’t believe that “one diet fits all”. I believe that success isn’t just about food, but my clients’ entire lifestyle as well.

With the mixed messages about nutrition it can be hard to know what’s true about healthy eating, but dieting doesn’t have to be confusing. I’m committed to dispel any nutrition myths and provide nutrition education based on recent scientific evidence.

I want you to think of me as your friend and partner who will guide you and support you during your health journey to achieve  your personal goals sooner than you ever thought possible.


What my patients are saying…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Not just a dietitian, she is a real supporter”

After a very long and bad experience with lot of dietitians and after suffering with so many expensive diets with no results, here I am loosing weight and eating whatever i want in a healthy way just by controlling quantities and without any additional cost. Here i am getting in shape despite my age, my health problems and the weight I had.

Yes I Can, it is all about it “YES YOU CAN” clinic with the most talented dietitian Christelle,I did it. It has been 5 years till now and I am bot getting weight anymore.

She is not just a dietitian, she is a real supporter, a real friendly person and a great lady.

I am so thankful for everything you have done to support me, to encourage me and to help me to know how to live a healthy life.

Being thankful is not enough Christelle, I love you because you taught me how to love myself, you are the best.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“One of the best dietitians”

Dieting is very important and definitely adds discipline to your life, but what’s really special is getting the right support from a professional dietitian or in my case I call her a FRIEND, a friend who’s always ready and available for any help or support, a friend who can gives you the motivation to bring and do the best of you.

She is one of the best dietitians I have ever worked with. She is incredibly intelligent. She can make you realize that not every delicious food is actually forbidden in a balanced diet, she can teach you how to enjoy your outings and not only stress about what to eat or not. 

I wanna thank you and tell you that your support can really help us to accomplish our goals…


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“This simple diet made me lose approximately 12 kilos”

Like all Lebanese people we rely on the word of mouth and the past experience of our friends or family in order to take any decision. When I decided to search for a dietitian in order to start a healthy lifestyle and lose weight I relied on my relative experience so I took the decision and went to Christelle’s clinic “Yes you can”. 

I really like the style of the diet it’s not like other dietitians (only protein or specific type of products), the diet system is very simple I CAN EAT everything but in small quantities and that was the successful and the point of differentiation from other dietitians. This simple diet made me lose approximately 12 kilos. FROM 67 KILOS TO 55 kilos. In addition to the healthy and simple diet I cannot forget the help of Christelle and her motivation with every gram I lose and the treats that I get with every consultation and of course  The Christmas gifts that helps me to know more about the diet products in the market that I can purchase in order to stay fit. 


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I feel much healthier!”

I have been having problems with my weight and health. Christelle have given me some direction on how to loose weight, eating the same food we prepare at home, but controlling the portion sizes and when to eat them. She also made me understand, how important is your body composition, rather than the total weight on the scale.

I am focusing on a healthier body and although is not a straight road, The “Yes I can” motivation is achievable and not overwhelming.I feel much healthier! Thank you so much!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“This simple diet made me lose approximately 12 kilos”

Après avoir consulté plusieurs diététiciennes, j’ai retrouvé en Christelle la personne idéale pour m’accompagner dans ce cheminement. Elle est toujours à l’écoute, elle est un vrai support car suivre un régime alimentaire n’est pas du tout évident. 

C’est une personne qui comprend mes besoins et me suit de près. Je conseille toute personne d’adhérer à sa vision car c’est une personne humaine et fidèle à ses patients.