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What We Do

Weight Management


  • Weight loss / weight gain plans
  • Children diet plan                       
  • Pregnancy, lactation & Fertility 
  • Sports Nutrition                          

Medical nutrition therapy


Hypertension, Diabetes, Insulin resistance, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol or Triglyceride, Sleep Apnea, Food Allergy/intolerance

personalized diet


  • DNA test (relationship between              genes weight & exercise)
  • VLCD for quick fat loss                           
  • Delivery of Healthy Food Packages         

About us


the dietitian

I'm Dietitian Christelle Bachi Gedeon.

I'm passionate about helping clients achieve their goals through an overall lifestyle approach that is unique to each individual since I don't believe that "one diet fits all". I believe that success isn't just about food, but my clients' entire lifestyle as well.

With the mixed messages about nutrition it can be hard to know what's true about healthy eating, but dieting doesn't have to be confusing. I'm committed to dispel any nutrition myths and provide nutrition education based on recent scientific evidence.

I want you to think of me as your friend and partner who will guide you and support you during your health journey to achieve  your personal goals sooner than you ever thought possible.


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